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Fruits delivery at office for companies located at Montreal


10 years of experience in the sector of ”fruit delivery” for offices

Alex & Alex offer its baskets fruits at office to all types of companies in the private and public sector in France and Canada for more than 10 years.

Every day, our 500 customers based in Paris and Montreal testify the quality of service and fruits offered weekly to them.

Your basket of fruits for all the company's leisure areas.

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More than 150 tons of fruits are delivered annually to our customers

We deliver weekly to more than 500 customers at Paris and Montreal. With more than 150 000 baskets of fruits at office delivered, Alex & Alex offers its experience and its daily outstanding customer service to assure your satisfaction, the wellness of your partners and the best quality/price ratio on the market.

We care about you

Alex & Alex works throughout the years with the same willing and involved team to serve and offer you a unique fruit experience in your company. We lead you in the best formula choice “fruits at office”, the rate of delivery of baskets designed for your company, and throughout the establishment of service in order to satisfy efficiently your partner's desires in compliance with your purchasing policy.

Fruits from local farming

We love nature and like sharing our passion for healthy and natural fruits. This is why we continuously look for the best varieties available on the market, and we like encounter the producers who deal with former of forgotten varieties, countryside varieties in respect of nature to allow you find them in your baskets fruits. About one quarter of our fruits come directly from the production of Quebec or Ontario. This short local procurement allow us to offer you the best fruits, gather and deliver to maturity, by preserving thereby all their tastes.

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Baskets fruits made with care

Stands “hand made” with natural materials

Assured deliveries by our internal teams

3 control levels for the manufacturing of the baskets


Your fruits carefully selected for your basket

We spend all our energy weekly to select the best fruits and present them cutely so that, the partners feel the need to disgust some fruits around 11 am to 16 pm to fight against fatigue in the workplace.

We are extremely challenging in the process of fruits selection that we put in your baskets. Our fruits are sufficiently mature to allow you consuming them on the arrival of the basket in your company.

Weekly, we adapt the mix insidethe basket fruits (in both varieties selected and proportions ) to offer you the best seasonal fruits..

If occasionally we put some aside or find some in your baskets, those are not definitely lost, but they always are valorized in different ways : mixed to transform them in fresh juice, dry for a future consumption, or propose to partners groups.

A smooth and adaptable performance

Our delivery systems of baskets fruits at office, are without commitment, and you are free to cancel them the one week to another if you are not satisfied whenever the reason.

You can add or reduce the number of baskets fruits delivered one week to another, cancel the fruits at office during holidays, school holidays, and days off for example.

You assurance “ satisfied or refund ”

Do you wish offering fruits baskets to your partners ?

Then, go ahead

Our services are without duration commitment

However , we commit ourselves to not charge you the first delivered basket if you were not 100% satisfied; and this without asking any reasons.

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A citizen and solidary action throughout the year

Since 2013, the “VITAMINES” project associated with Tout Le Monde Contre le Cancer, weekly generates smiles, pleasures and comfort ! Our action consists to bring gracefully our fruits surplus.

Today, the project has about 25 hospitals

Thus, every week, generous fruits baskets are offered to hospitalized children in order to bring them a great sunbeam, allowing them to gain vitamins and energy to better be able to fight the illness

What we share with you and your partners

Via our fruits stands, Alex & Alex offer to you and your partners to encourage the association “Tout le Monde Contre le Cancer ”. A flashcode on the stands allows to consult the organization actions or allows to make an online donation on the website of the association.