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Fruit delivery to your offices - Montréal and surroundings


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Classic fruits basket - Alex & Alex
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Classic fruits basket - Alex & Alex
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Classic fruits basket - Alex & Alex
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Solutions and services suitable for the employees of today

“Simple” fruits but delicious

In our “classic” basket, you will discover throughout the year the stars fruits regardless the season, meaning banana, apple and orange.

To embellish this fruits trio, we select every week a mysterious fruit to allow you benefiting of the current seasonal fruits.

Easy fruits to consume at office

In our “classic” basket, there are no pineapples, mangoes, kiwis and other  fruits difficult to consume at office. We favorize fruits easy to consume and which are well conserved in ambient temperature.

Small fruits size for a balanced and yummy break

We favorize small size fruits , more simple and convenient  for a consumption at office. We favorize , as much as possible the varieties of fruits locally produced during the year. We select and work with producers who care about the environment protection. One part of our fruits is from North and South American countries (Chile, Argentina, Caraîbes indeed). We work principally  for our fruits baskets with seasonal fruits to respect these origins and assure you the best fruits baskets

All for a moderated budget

The “classic” fruits basket is an answer offered to companies which wish to propose good fruits to their workmates by respecting a moderated budget.

Alex & Alex take care of all: selection, basket preparation, and the free delivery at the front desk of your company.

We are at the listening of your demands and suggestions to improve continuously our service of fruits at office and make it every week pleasant, efficient, and appreciated by workmates.  

Our reactivity and our taste for the satisfaction of our customers will respond to your need  for an experience of break fruits daily convivial and oriented on the well being of your employees.

Alex & Alex : le seul acteur « Zéro déchet » de son secteur

Interview croisée, enregistrée à Montréal avec Geneviève, Présidente de Bon App et Alexandre, Président d’Alex & Alex. Un partenariat qui s’inscrit dans la durée et qui prend de l’ampleur au fil des années.